Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So today begins the beginning of 3 busy weeks.  I have a ton of things going on and it's hard to keep them all straight in my head. 

My brother came home on Saturday and last night we threw him a welcome home party.  That's one thing off my plate.

Next week we have friends coming in for a few days, then I'll be doing a yard sale with my dad and his wife on Friday and Saturday.  That Friday night is a baby shower I'm working on for a church nursery.  Then the following week I'll be speaking at a Mother/Daughter banquet.  The end of May we'll be leaving for Arizona to work on the Navajo Nation.  We'll be there for a few months.  It's kind of a move, kind of not.  While we wait for these visas we want to be more involved in a ministry.  Our prayer is to be there for the summer, then Lord willing, the visas will be approved, and we'll come home to pack and move in the fall.

So I need to prepare for a yard sale, a baby shower, a devotional, our friend's visit, a small "move" to Arizona, then a big move to Australia.  I love keeping busy like this, I just worry that I'm going to forget something or someone!!

Oh, and there is revival at our church this week!

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