Saturday, February 26, 2011


Waiting is such a hard thing.  We've been waiting for almost three years.  Waiting for God to say, "Yes, you may now go."  In the meantime...well, we just wait and try to do what the Lord would have us to do.  While I am thrilled to have more time with my dad and brothers, my heart yearns for Australia.  I think the hardest part is knowing where God wants us in the future, but not knowing when.

While we are waiting the Lord has given us opportunities to serve Him among our own indigenous people, the American Indians.  Oh, how I've grown to love these people, specifically the Navajos.  They seem like such sincerce people with a deeper understanding of the land.  They live simply.  Many still live in hogans, a one-room octoganal house.  I'm sure there is much to learn from them.

While we travel out here to Ganado, Arizona to be a blessing and minister to the pastor and the people here.  We always leave extremely blessed ourselves and overwhelmed with the goodness of God's people.  This past week we were able to see five Navajos accept Christ as the Savior.  It was nothing we did, the believers here are simply doing what God has told them to do, go and tell others. 

I love listening to them sing in their native tongue. I love seeing them fellowship after church. I love seeing the believers travel down muddy, seemingly-impossible-to-travel roads to pick up people for church. I love seeing God move. 

I know in my heart that one day we will be serving the Lord in Australia, maybe as soon as this summer (in His perfect will, in His perfect timing), but in the meantime I'm content to serve Him here.  I want to be a usable vessel.  I want my life to be a shining light for others to see Christ.  I want to one day hear those words, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Please continue to pray for these visas, we appreciate the prayers, we really do.  And pray that we will continue to follow the Lord's leading while we wait.

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