Friday, February 11, 2011

Home Schooling

We are a homeschooling family.  I had a homeschool blog, but it was very neglected.  I plan to write more about homeschooling here.  What curriculum we use, how our school day goes, how we homeschool on the road, and so on. 

I'm a very organized person.  I don't work well with clutter.  This is what our homeschool corner looked like when Autumn was in first grade.
It looks so nice!  That bookcase was in sad shape and almost fell over on me one day.  We ended up with a smaller bookcase.  It does not always look this nice, but I strive to keep it as organized as possible. 
Autumn has been homeschooled since Preschool.  We use Abeka for our core subjects.  We throw in a little Aplogia, Alpha & Omega, and Answers in Genesis. 
I love schedules.  I assume most organized people do.  We travel a lot so schedules are hard to have, but when we are home I keep the same schedule as much as I possibly can.
We are currently finishing up lesson 85, which puts us around week 17.  We're leaving next week for a trip out west to work with some missionaries who are ministering to the Navajo, Hopi, and Cocopah Indians.  This is our third trip (my husband's fifth).  I  have done my lesson plans for the next four weeks.  We'll be gone for 3 weeks, but then when we get back I'll have a week already completed.
Lord willing, we'll be able to stay on track with our schoolwork.  It's always a challenge on the road, but Autumn probably knows more US geography than most third graders!  I'll post some pictures of Roadschooling next week!

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