Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Scrapbooks

I like to scrapbook. I have a scrapbook for every year since Autumn was born. I think I have 16 - 12x12's, 3 - 8x8's, and 8 - 7x7's. I'm starting to do things digitally now, but nothing takes away from scrapbooking Monday mornings twice a month at my Creative Memories consultant's house. Do you like to scrapbook?
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Anonymous said...

I love to scrapbook. I'm starting to venture into the digital world myself....yikes! How do you organize your albums?? Do you have one family album per album for each kid....?? I've had the darndest time trying to organize my albums!

Jen said...

Hayley, I have one first year album for each of my children. After that I did one for each year. There are some special albums like our trip to Disney, our trip to Arizona, my wedding album, my childhood album. Mostly I stick with one album per year (unless it's a special trip with lots of photos).

Paula said...

You are an inspiration Jen! I would love to scrapbook, but alas, I always seem to put it off. I have got a couple of 8x8 albums for the girls that are still empty...maybe if I would have a scrapbooking buddy then it would be easier to be motivated. lol