Monday, January 10, 2011

Being a Keeper of the Home

I've been thinking a lot about this issue lately.  A lot of blogs I read promote being a housewife, homemaker, keeper of the home, or whatever you want to call it.  I am currently doing a Bible Study on I & II Timothy.  I Timothy 5:14 became a topic of conversation with a friend and myself. 

"I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully."

My friend went through a period where being a perfect homemaker became a competition with her and her friends.  Who would get up the earliest to sweep and mop the floors, who kept the cleanest kitchen, who made the most delicious gourmet meal, and even homeschooling.  I've never had a situation like this.  My perspective on being a homemaker was much different.

I love being a home.  I love cleaning and organizing.  I love entertaining guests.  I love cooking.  But I hate doing laundry and dishes.   I recently was reading a blog about serving our home with a good attitude.  I thought of all the times I complained about laundry and dishes in front of my daughter, and how quickly I correct her for complaining about making her bed or brushing her teeth.

This is a new year, and I'm praying for change in my home.  Although I love being a homemaker, I sometimes do it grudgingly.  This is my home, this is where God has put me to serve.  I need to serve my family with a willing and happy heart.

I also do not want to be in competition with other homemakers.  We're all on the same team, we're all doing the same job, some do it better than others, but we all need to encourage one another in serving our Lord through our home.

Please share your thoughts on being a homemaker.  This topic has really peaked my interest lately.  Also, here are two new blogs that I recently found, and they have been a huge encouragement to me.

Raising Homemakers


joy said...

Great encouragement! Thanks!

Debbie said...

I am visiting from Raising Homemakers. I can relate to this post. As my daughter got older she really encouraged me to keep my heart-attitude in check. I wanted to model what I wanted her to be - I've fallen shot a number of time but Praise God for His amazing grace that covers up my mistakes.

Have you seen the blog A Wise Woman Builds Her Home? Here’s the link incase you haven't: http://proverbs14verse1

I'll visit again. I am now following your blog.

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by, Debbie. I'll check out the link, thanks!