Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NYC - You've Got Mail

Thanks to I am not a Stalker I was able to get many of the filming locations of You've Got Mail (one of my favorite movies).  We planned to go to the Children's Museum which is on the upper west side, it just so happens that most of You've Got Mail was filmed on the upper west side.

Here is Zabar's.  The grocery store where Meg Ryan got into the cash only line and she only had her credit card.  Thankfully Tom Hanks swept in and saved the day!
I really wanted to see Cafe Lalo.  Much to my delight it was across the street from the Children's Museum!!  I should have went in and ordered something just to get a picture of the inside, but I didn't.  I love all the Christmas lights!

I also saw the Starbucks that was in the movie.  And we also ate lunch at Gray's Papaya, which is the hot dog place where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have lunch before he reveals that he is NY152.  I love that movie!  I had a picture of the front of Gray's Papaya, but I think I must have accidentally deleted it.  I also had a picture of one of the benches they sat at, but that got deleted too.  I was so glad to see these sights.  Thanks again I Am Not a Stalker (if you're interested in movie film locations, check out her blog).

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