Monday, November 22, 2010

Sight and Sound...for FREE!

A few days ago I was checking my facebook and saw a friend got tickets for Sight and Sound Theatres for free.  I quickly asked her how.  She told me that on Sight and Sound's Facebook page they were offereing free tickets.  I quickly went to their Facebook page, and there I found their offer - They were doing their final dress rehearsal and were taping for the DVD!  I quickly called the number and got 10 FREE tickets to see the Miracle of Christmas!

We had friends visiting from Florida this past week and they were able to go with us.  Last year when they came to visit, I found tickets for Sight and Sound for $10 to see In The Beginning. 
My brother, Jason, is home for a 2 week Thanksgiving break from Iraq, and he was able to come.  As well as his girlfriend, Nichole, whom you all prayed for a few months ago when she was in a car accident.  Doesn't she look great?!!
 The Lien Family
 Nichole & Jason
Thank you, Sight and Sound, for allowing us to see The Miracle of Christmas for free and be a part of the taping of the show!  It was always!

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