Friday, November 26, 2010

CVS Thanksgiving Deals

Here are my Thanksgiving Deals from CVS.   I got there when the store opened at 8am.  I thought the place would be packed but there were only a few cars in the parking lot, so much to my delight the shelves were still stocked!

I started with $4 ECB's, paid $22.97 for everything, and still have $20.97 in ECB's!

I did 4 transactions since there was no line.  The first transaction came to $21.92, the second was $0.94, the third $.09, and the last was $0.02!  Also, on the Renpure Organic Shampoo was a rebate to try it free, so I'll be getting a $4.99 rebate, too! 

By the way, my total before ECB's and coupons was $88.75.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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