Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday

 Another fun Black Friday shopping trip!  I went with my three brothers and husband.  We started at 10pm and wanted to hit Toysrus, but the line was at least 1/4 mile long, so we went to Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart's deals started at midnight, but they already had a lot of stuff out, you just couldn't check out until after midnight.  See the police officers in the background?
 They had this section of the dairy aisle taped off until midnight.  When they cut the rope it was do or die!
 Jeff and Patrick watching the crazy shoppers!
 A quick break at Denny's while we waited for Kohl's to open at 3am.
 Then this was the line at Kohls, which we just drove by and took pictures!
 Then Best Buy at 5am.  My brothers waited in line for this store while Patrick and I slept in the car.
By the way, the reason I refused to wait in line?
It was 42 degrees!


joy said...

So what awesome deals were in the dairy isle that they had to tape it off? LOL.

Did your brothers score their deals at Best Buy? Was it worth the nap in the car?

Jen said...

It was $5 movies and $7 wii games. Really not worth all the hype, but it was fun!

My brothers got some good stuff at Best Buy, and the nap was worth it! Even though it was freezing!