Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finding a New Normal

My favorite time of the year is fall.  I love the cooler weather, the changing colors of the leaves, the pumpkins, the cinnamon spice candles, and the list goes on.  My husband always says good things happen in the fall.  We always wondered why we didn't get married in the fall. 

This fall brought a death to our family.  As I mentioned in previous posts, my niece, Maranda, passed away last week.  This begins a new week for their family and they'll have to go about finding their new normal as a family of 5 rather than a family of 6.  I cannot even begin to imagine how one can even cope outside of Christ.
We serve a God of comfort, a God of peace, a God of love.  We can freely run to Him in times of heartache.  He gives the "peace that passes all understanding".  As I sat in church yesterday morning next to my brother and his wife, I wondered what it felt like for them to get ready on Sunday morning and not have to wake up Maranda and get her ready as well.  It was nice to see them holding hands, leaning on each other for comfort.
Finding a new normal.  We all have different season of life that the Lord brings us.  I pray that during this fall season we will look to Him and give Him our all.  I want to serve Him in all I do, and in all I do bring glory to Him.

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