Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday

I love to organize and clean and organize. My husband tells me I'm organized to a fault, although I have no idea how that's possible. Nonetheless all our dvd's were driving me crazy. Honestly I hardly ever watch a movie more than once (except for You've Got Mail, I could watch that everyday). So, if it was just me I probably wouldn't own DVD's, except for a select few (ie You've Got Mail). To help keep my sanity, I decided to take all the DVD's and put them into a carrying case.

I cut a 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 piece of the front cover to put behind the DVD so we'll know what goes there if the movie ever goes missing.

Willie Wonka - another movie I'd probably own.

Then I put them into a case like this. I have all the kids movies in one case, and all our movies in another case.
Oh, yeah, the Office...I have all 5 seasons on dvd, and as soon as the 6th season comes out on dvd I'll have that too. But honestly, that's all the dvd's I'd own...honestly.
This was the toughest part, throwing all those cases away. Can anyone use these? It feels so wasteful, but then I look at this picture and it makes me happy...and very organized! This is also wonderful for all our traveling, instead of taking a few movies that tend to get watched over and over and over again, we can take all our movies and have more options while on the road.
And that, folks, works for me!


LaVonne said...

Post those cases on FreeCycle. I bet someone can use them. :)

I like it! We have been putting our dvds in a case without the cover. I like this idea though, thanks for sharing.


Michelle said...

What a great idea!
We could use more space.
Thanks for sharing.

terryaretta said...

We do this with video games. But you shouldnt cut up or throw away the cases. There are stores out there that buy and resell used video games and DVDs. Gamestop and Buybacks are a couple of them. They'll pay more for it if you have the case. So, we store the games in the carrying case, but save the boxes; ours are shoved in the back of the tv armoire, behind the game system.