Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SpellQuizzer Giveaway!

The winner is Sue at Carolina In My Mind. Congratulations!

I recently had the opportunity to review SpellQuizzer, a very fun spelling software. SpellQuizzer is a spelling program that helps your child learn their spelling and vocabulary words, and it complements any spelling curriculum out there.

You can go to their website and download a 30-day free trial. If decide you like it, it only costs $29.95. (Keep reading to find out how one of you can win the software!) It was a quick download, and I was amazed at how easy it was to use. I hate curriculum where you have to read a ton of stuff to get started. You can create a spelling list immediately!

I have the SpellQuizzer icon on my screen that I can click and this little box pops up.
You can create your spelling list in minutes. The fun part is that you record the word and a sentence with the word in it. I'm anxious to use this for spelling when school starts. You can use a funny voice and make up funny phrases. (Note: you must have a microphone for it to work, but they're fairly inexpensive.)
Once you have put in the spelling words, your child can take the quiz. A small box will pop up and it will start with word 1 and continue through the list. If a word is spelled incorrectly it will tell them how to correctly spell the word. After the test is over it gives the child the opportunity to go back and spell the word correctly. When all the words are spelled correctly it will give them an applause!

If you do not have a spelling curriculum that you use, the SpellQuizzer website has pre-made spelling lists that you can download and use with SpellQuizzer.

Still not convinced? They have a 30 day free trial. It costs nothing to try out SpellQuizzer! SpellQuizzer is great for homeschoolers, click here to read more about homeschooling with SpellQuizzer.

Interested in winning the software for free? SpellQuizzer gave me one to giveaway! Here is how you enter...

1. Leave a comment and tell me what Spelling Curriculum you use.
2. Become a follower (if you're already a follower let me know).
3. Blog about the giveaway.

That's it. Leave a comment for every entry you did. The winner will be chosen Friday evening, August 13.


Sue said...

Hi Jen! I don't currently use a spelling curriculum since Alex is only 4 months old :) But this would be a great gift for my sister-in-law who just started homeschooling her 5 year old!

Sue said...

oh, and I'm a follower!