Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lake Tobias

We met some friends at Lake Tobias this past weekend. It's a wildlife park. I was there a few years ago and have wanting to take the kids again. So, I'm glad our friends invited us!

They give safaris in buses with the windows and roof taken off. The animals come right up to the bus for food. The first time I was here one of the animals came right up onto the bus. Cody had a great time. He loves animals. Everything is a "moo" to him.
I love this Emu with her babies. 18 in all, I think. Don't you moms wish you could turn your head like that?

It was a fun day. If you're ever near Halifax, Pennsylvania I'd definitely recommend Lake Tobias!


Amber said...

That sounds so incredibly fun!! :)

joy said...

The first pic is great! LOL... He is obviously perplexed as to why you are not showering him with little food pellets.