Friday, June 25, 2010


My brother is currently in Kuwait. He'll be going to Iraq on July 1. One of his friends posted these pics on facebook, so I "stole" them. I'm his sister so I'm allowed.

He called earlier and it made my day. He says it averages 120 degrees over there and he's drinking lots of water. I know many of you have relatives over there, so when you think of it please add my brother to your prayers. Thanks.


Ellen said...

Hey Jen,
just wanted u to know i will also pray for your brother. i also wanted u to know i am keeping up with my blog more so don't be a stranger and I am going to be back to homeschooling next year again. I am very excited.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much to your brother and all the other troops who are serving our country. How blessed we are to have them. I work with an organization here in Oklahoma City that sends cooling neck ties and care packages to our troops serving in the middle east. You can look up if you would like to have a care package sent to him. It's a great group of people who support our troops 100% and lift them up in prayer. May God bless him and everyone he serves with. Amy D from Oklahoma