Thursday, March 18, 2010

Odds and Ends

Just an update on some stuff going on...
  • We're planning a trip to Arizona to work with some missionaries next month.
  • I'm going to a Beth Moore conference in April...and really excited about it!
  • Cody went to the potty yesterday! I've been putting him on the potty while I run the bath water. It finally worked!
  • My hubby is in the middle of a ministry project. He was able to purchase a Suburban fairly cheap, and is fixing it up for a church in Arizona. When it rains many members can't get to church because of the mud. Soon they'll have a 4wd to pick them up!
  • Still waiting on those visas.
  • I'm baking for the first time since our trip to Florida last month. It takes me so long to get back into routine...and soon we'll be packing up and going again!
  • We have about 7-8 weeks left of school!
  • I'm almost completely caught up on my scrapbooks!
  • My brother, Jeff, got his permit.
  • My brother, Jason, will be home from training soon, then quickly heading off to Iraq.
  • My brother, Josh, recently tried to eat a 3lb burger.
  • That's about it. I just felt the need to catch you all up on my life. You may now resume your regular activities.

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