Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yesterday I had a bad migraine. It left me with enough energy to order pizza for lunch and move from the couch to the bed (whichever room happened to be the darkest). I get headaches or migraines about 2 times a month. I'm not sure what determines the difference between a headache, but I consider it a migraine when I get nauseous.

I normally just live on tylenol all day, but I was curious what you all do for migraines or headaches.

Today I am feeling much better. I feel like I got hit on the head with a ball bat, but my stomach is feeling better. I think I may be able to cook a descent meal tonight. Last night Autumn made ramon noodles for her and Cody!

Well, I better go conquer the pile of dishes in my sink.


Chris and Carole said...

For some reason when we returned I totally forgot any headache medicine! To get anything here we have to go to the hospital for it and the only way I'm doing that is if I'm dying! :-)

I get bad headaches every so often and since right now I have nothing to take for them I resort to all natural methods. Cold packs and a dark room. Wearing my sunglasses even in the house. Just the other day when nothing worked I tried a hot compress and while it was on my head the pain went away...

But headaches are no fun. Especially when you have kids to care for and homeschooling! Glad you're feeling better today and hope you don't get hit with another one anytime soon!

BTW, I enjoyed the mind-picture on facebook of the pizza being delivered to your little cabin in the woods. :-)

Charity said...

Try going to a healthfood store and asking for a peppermint migraine stick. It'll be about a two inch metal tube that has a rollerball on the end, like the roll on lipgloss from our childhood... it's got a really strong peppermint oil in it. Roll it on your temples, across your forehead, and on your neck if it's aching. Try that. It works for me and several others. Plus, it can sometimes avert the drugs.