Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Bound - What to do?

12+ inches of snow. We've been "stuck" inside since yesterday morning. My hubby went out last night to get milk and ginger ale (I'm still sick since last Saturday). I thought being stuck inside would be lots of fun, and it is, but we're getting bored! Here's what I've/we've done so far...
  • Played in the snow and went sledding
  • Baked 1 batch of sugar cookies
  • Baked cinnamon bread
  • Made pot roast, potatoes, carrots in crock pot for supper last night
  • Made chili for lunch today
  • Making pork roast in crock pot for supper tonight
  • Made homemade pizza
  • Watched Disney Cars 4 times
  • Watched Night in the Museum
  • Did the dishes several times
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • Read a few chapters in my latest book

We're hoping to decorate our gingerbread house tonight, but other than that I think we're getting bored! I'm hoping to get out tomorrow, but mainly because I'm still sick I'm enjoying just laying around and getting some rest...and eating ice cream!

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