Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was great. We did a lot of baking. Here are some of the goodies we made to give away.
We also made a gingerbread house.
Our tree on Christmas morning.
Cody was so much fun this year. He loved opening the presents.
Autumn got a dresser for her American Girl dolls.
She was quite surprised!
We visited my mom on Christmas Eve.
Spent Christmas afternoon at my dad's.
My brothers and I all got together and bought my dad a GPS.
Autumn and I.
We spent Christmas evening with Patrick's brother and his wife.
Christmas Eve we went to a live nativity.
We do this every year.
I got the Willow Tree Nativity for Christmas.
As well as a flat screen tv.
Sunday afternoon we went to my Aunt's for the Straley Christmas.
Here's my dad and his girlfriend (so weird to say, but I couldn't have picked a better woman).
Me and Patrick...I can never get a good photo of us.
Our holidays were filled with lots of fun and family. I can't believe how quickly Christmas came and went. We already took down our tree and most of the other decorations. I am so glad to have our living room back to normal.

This week I am working on getting things cleaned and organized. I have a room scheduled for every day of the week. Today is the kitchen. I'm emptying out the cupboards, wiping them down, and organizing as I put things back. Lots of things are getting pitched or given away. One of my New Year's goals is to be a better cook, so I'm hoping to start the year with a clean and organized kitchen! I'll be posting my New Year's Goals soon. I want to find Bible verses to go with each one. So, what are some of your New Year's Goals?


Ellen said...

Great post Jen,
Looked like a great day. My brother Ed is home from College so I showed him the pic of you and Patrick, we had a good laugh.

Sue said...

Hi there! Love the Christmas blog! :o) Sorry I haven't been around much to comment. Thanks for the ideas to try one new recipe a week. Let me know how those cookbooks turn out..I am a cookbook JUNKIE! I knew that Ree Drummond put out a cookbook, but let me know how you like it.

Looks like you had a great Christmas..ours was nice. Happy New Year!! And good luck on the Pantry Challenge! :o)

Barbie said...

I had to laugh at that picture of you & Patrick! I can see Chase doing the same thing LOL!