Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Here are a few of our Christmas traditions...
  • Patrick and I always try to go to Bethlehem, PA
  • We also visit Christmas Village as a family
  • On Christmas Eve we open one present each before we go to bed, this is something we did when I was a kid. (Just don't open the boxes, it's always clothes!)
  • Christmas morning we start with reading Luke 2:1-20, pray, and open presents
  • Normally after things have settled down we go over to my dad's house and exchange gifts and my dad cook's a yummy supper for us (turkey this year, right dad?!)
  • We don't do Santa, my husband and I think of it as lying to our kids. When they do find out Santa isn't real, are they still going to believe us that Jesus Christ is real? Just our personal conviction.
  • Christmas is our favorite holiday around here. We also normally begin decorating on Black Friday, but we were in Florida this year, so we're only getting around to doing it today.
Christmas 2008


Ellen said...

Hey, I'm super behind, but I just got all caught up. Great pics. You've had an eventful fall. Have a great Christmas.

Amber said...

Have fun decorating today!!! :) Those pictures are beautiful.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

That Christmas village is amazing!! Looks like so much fun for the family..:) So glad you played along!