Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Week in Review - Thursday

On Thursday we went to a farm nearby. Everything was free. There was a tent nearby with pumpkins and all kids of nice fall decorations to buy, but all the kid stuff including the corn maze was free. I am so glad we came here.

They had a huge slide for the kids and adults to play on:
Daddy and Cody enjoyed it!
Kristine and I took the time while the kids were playing to do a photo opt!
While I was taking Kristine's picture a dog snuck up behind her and gave her a kiss.
Group photo (try #8). It's very hard to get 9 people to all smile at the same time!
The kids in the corn maze.
Kristine. It was so much fun hanging out with photographers!
Pastor Phil used to have his own photography business.
He was giving me tips all week!
Uncle Jeff and Cody!
A very tired little boy.
My brothers, Jason and Jeff, watched all 5 kids so we could go out for supper together.
We greatly enjoyed a quiet meal at Applebees. Gotta love the Kiss poster!
Happy Birthday, Pastor Phil!

Eating the yummy ice cream cake.
Pastor Phil like Survivor Man and Man vs Wild.

This was just a quick review of Thursday. I've got lots of pictures from Hershey on Wednesday and Sight and Sound on Friday (we took advantage of those $10 tickets!). Plus the Annual Fall Festival at my dad's church. I'll post the others later on! Have a great Sunday!

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