Friday, October 16, 2009

Exciting Day in My House!

I know this may seem silly, but today was a big day for me. Why? Because I baked chocolate chip cookies and an apple pie. This was big because we haven't had a stove/oven since we moved into this house almost 3 years ago. I've mainly used our toaster oven and burners that plug in. Being on deputation it hasn't been a big deal, but now that we're home a little more, I want to cook! My hubby picked up this "new, beautiful" brown stove!! Okay, so it's not beautiful and it's not new, but it works!
This is where the old oven was. It was a restaurant oven, and was installed in the wall. My great hubby took it out, and underneath was this nice counter! Who can't use more counter space?! My hubby put up the plywood and tiles to cover the hole. It works for me! I'm looking for a shelf to put my spices on. This will be my little work station.
I really enjoyed cooking today. I pulled out my cookbooks and made lists of things I want to make. Do you have some favorite cooking websites, or even recipes I should try? Do share!


Sue said...

Oh my! No oven for 3 years?! I am super impressed! I'd say I couldn't survive without my oven, but that would probably be an exaggeration. :o) That's so exciting to be able to bake! I bet the house smelled wonderful. Recipes, I've got tons. is a FANTASTIC place to find anything and everything. And everything is rated so you can pick the recipe with high stats. :o) Happy baking!

Barbie said...

I can imagine how much fun you're having! Whenever I need a recipe, I go to either or I also have a really good chocolate chip banana muffin recipe.

Erin @ Closing Time said...

I love! Some of their recipes call for a bit more exotic/expensive ingredients, so I just avoid those recipes. But they have so many that are delicious and healthy!