Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Works of God

  • Another week of homeschool completed!
  • We toured an Amish farm with a supporting church. Had a blast!
  • We went to a kid's day at a local church, as well as a Farm Fall Fun Fest this weekend. Fun day!
  • Visited a friend's church last night, it's always good to see other good churches in the area.
  • Cody slept through the night three nights last week, really wish I could say the same about last night though.
  • I got a new lens for my camera, I'm loving it.
  • My family is happy and healthy.
  • God is good!

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1 comment:

A Dusty Frame said...

awesome:) An Amish farm?:)! Cool.

What lens did you get?

Thanks for participating:)