Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Works of God

Some ways God has blessed me last week...
  • My family is healthy. After reading some blogs in the past few months, I've come to realize how much I take that for granted. God is good.
  • My camera. I was able to take photos for my dad's company picnic. I always love the opportunity to practice. Maybe I'll take a photography class soon.
  • Money was kind of tight, and God sent someone along to buy my husband's dirt bike.
  • Friends. Its always a blessing when I get an encouraging note from a friend. I received a few this week.
  • Prayer. What an awesome thing. To think that the Creator of the universe, this world, and all that is in it, wants to hear from me. He not only hears my prayers, but also answers them as well. God is so good.

Please join me over at Lizzie's for her weekly Works of God Monday.

~ Jen ~

1 comment:

Noel said...

God is good - by the way, do you like the sleep number bed you won? Is it as good as all the hype?