Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lord Prepare Me

Lord prepare me to be a missionary;

To tell others about you.

Though I'm young now,

I can still learn how,

To be a missionary for you.

Autumn just spent the week at Good News Camp (Child Evangelism Fellowship). She went every day (M-F) from 9am-3:30pm. Being homeschooled this is the longest she's been away from home. The house was very quiet this week. She had a great time, and came home singing this today. (Not sure why her words don't match on the video, I used my webcam.) I was really encourage by the amount of verses she learned (KJV, by the way!) and the songs she was singing. It's good to see CEF doing such a great job in our community.

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Anonymous said...

Jen that was great, the kids watched with me and were happy to see their friend:) ~~Chrissy~~