Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Capture. Emotions.

There is nothing sweeter than watching your children play together. Cody loves his big sister. He always gets a smile on his face when he sees her coming!



~ Jen ~


jodi said... cute! My little boy adores his sister too, although at 4 yrs old, he'd never admit it! :)

Jessi said...

These are lovely :)

Yelena R. said...

So sweet!

tippytoe foxtrot said...

Aw! Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

What squeeze-y little ones! Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

My favorite parts of motherhood are when the kids love on each other. Makes all the fights tolerable.

Stacie's Madness said...

yep my favorite part of being a mom to two...when they do play nicely together it's a beautiful thing.

just wish it happened more often ;)

joy said...

oh! i know this feeling too! my little David gets the same look when his sisters walk into a room. melts my heart in a million little pieces!

Jen said...

I couldn't agree more!! The kiss seals it up. These are great shots!