Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kind of Creepy

I was checking out Google Earth tonight (remember my hubby is away, so I am wasting way too much time online!). So, I typed in my address...thankfully it didn't come up quite right, so I searched a little and found my home. The building on the bottom middle is the church, follow the lane all the way to the top of the pic. There is a house in the middle at the top of the photo and that is my house, it has a silver-looking roof. The squiggly line is the creek. Am I the only one that finds these kind of neat, yet creepy?

~ Jen ~

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Noel said...

yes, it is creepy. I've seen pictures of my home - if I was outside you could see me!

I was raised wearing skirts or dresses all the time - it's never kept me from doing any activity :) My husband was also raised with women who wore skirts - so this challenge hasn't really been a challenge!