Friday, May 15, 2009

Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis)

Tonight we went to Shady Maple (the largest smorgasboard ever, well at least the largest one that I've ever been to) to hear Ken Ham speak. This was the first time I ever heard him speak, although I have watched most of his videos. I have also been to the Creation Museum several times. I cannot say enough good things about Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, and the Creation Museum. They are doing a great work for the Lord.

The event was hosted by Associates for Biblical Research. I have never heard of this group before, but we are very interested in it. And I would absolutely love going on an archeology dig, how awesome would that be?!!

Anyway, onto the meal...I've never been to Shady Maple for a banquet like this. Usually you help yourself to this huge massive buffet, but tonight we were in a huge room I never knew existed at Shady Maple. It was fancy schmancy. Thanks to Martha Stewart I knew which silverware to use with what course, and I could guide my hubby so as not to let him embarrass himself.
I forgot to take a pic of my salad after I arranged the cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers into a smiley face. The waitress told me it was beautiful :)
Ken Ham is a great speaker, listening to his Australian accent makes it even better. Here is the title for tonight - "Understanding the loss of Biblical Authority in church and the culture and it’s connection to attacks and compromise on the book of Genesis." I thought I title was 3-5 letters, not a paragraph! I love that even though he is brilliant, I understood every word.
I came home with a lot of information. Some things I need to think over and digest, and definately some things I plan to work on. Maybe I'll post more on that later. Have a great weekend!!

~ Jen ~

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Anonymous said...

I was there too and loved it. This is what american young folks should be going to instead of all these country /rock concerts or you name it. Mr. Ham is a great speaker and conveys his thoughts quite well.