Friday, May 22, 2009

Feelin' Feminine - Day 3

Sorry the pic is so far and the tip of my chair made it in, too. I did crop it, but I couldn't upload the cropped photo. Anyway, today I am simply wearing a headband, that's a different hairstyle right?! You can't see my feet, but I'm barefoot (see, you're not the only one Joy!). Cody joined me for today's photo-op.

A friend asked where I get Autumn's long skirts. Good-Will! I always manage to find at least one long skirt everytime I go to our local Good-will. Long skirts for me are hard to find, let alone for Autumn. Have a great day!


Ellen said...

look great, love the skirt!

Valencia Jones-Edwards said...

I love goodwill. That's where I get most of my skirt, there and another thrift store. You look so comfortable and sweet! Is the little one an

Julie said...

I seem to have trouble at Goodwill stores. I don't know if it's just me (probably!), or if the store here just isn't so great, but I can never find what I am looking for!