Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun Day...

Today we had a "Welcome Home" Party for my brother, Jason, slash picnic for the bus kids. My dad has been driving the church bus for 15+ years. I seriously think he has a special reward in Heaven for that. I'm not sure how many kids he picked up today and brought to the picnic, but there were ALOT of kids. Here is a pic of my buddy. He is just the sweetest little boy.
Playing volleyball
Two of my brothers - Josh and Jason
This little girl has been riding the bus for awhile.
She recently got saved and baptized!!
Autumn sporting her military skirt for uncle Jason...
Cody driving Pappy's bus
He thought he was something special!
Some bus kids playing on the swings.
Time to eat...
Even with all that food, I never got a chance to eat anything but a handful of chips. My man is bringing me home some food. It was a really great day, but I am exhausted!

~ Jen ~

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Leslie said...

What a wonderful thing that your father does- I am sure he will be rewarded greatly for it! It is so wonderful to be able bring those children to worship the Lord {I am assuming they don't always get that at home} What an impact He (and your family) is making for God's Kingdom!

The party looked like tons of fun. Makes me hungry. ;)