Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CVS & Martins (GIANT)

I was very pleased with my deals this week. I spent $15.57 and earned $11 ECB's. I had a $2 coupon for the razor and a B1G1 coupon for the refills, so for $3.99 I got a razor and 8 refills!! The Dry Idea deoderant was 2/$5. I had 2/$2 coupons, plus earned $2 ECB's - they paid me $1 to take it out of the store!! It should have been a better deal, the deoderants were marked down to $0.82 but rang up $2.50. I didn't notice till I was on my way home though.

I needed to get groceries, so I went to Martins (or GIANT). I really had this one all planned out. I saved just over $40 in coupons. My favorite deals were the free Kraft bbq and $0.99 A-1 Steak sauce! Also, I got 2 packs of Dixie paper plates and a pack of napkins for $3. I was also happy to find a lot of meats marked down. My freezer is stocked for a little while.

There's my great deals for the week. How did you do? Check out Money Saving Mom or The Centsible Sawyer for more great deals.

~ Jen ~

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Ellen said...

First of all, is Giant changing there name to Martin's? What is that about? And I'm so glad your brother is back. I know you missed him terribly.

Also, please don't apologize for Autumn's dirty face.
It's Adorable!! I have had so many dirty face, messy hair pictures and sometimes they're the cutest. Sometimes I take the picture just because they are so dirty and cute!!