Saturday, April 18, 2009

Morning at the Park

We went out this morning to check out the new Turkey Hill that opened up in town (got a few freebies, dad!). We picked up some lunch there and went over to the park. What a beautiful day!

Autumn loves being outside.
Uncle Jeff and Cody
These next two are backwards...but here he is at the top. And here he is starting the climb. He did it all by himself, too!

He had so much fun!
Just running around...
Autumn enjoyed pushing her little brother on the swings.
Riding a motorcycle like daddy!
I love this warmer weather. I hope its here to stay...I just wish school was done (only 30 school days left!)

~ Jen ~


Dear Abbi said...

I can't believe he's cute!!

Ellen said...

That little man is growing up right before our eyes and fast too. so cute
We only have 20 lessons left, we're excited too!