Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Private Straley

We're leaving bright and early tomorrow morning and traveling about 15 hours (in 2 days) to Missouri. My brother, Jason, is graduating from boot camp on Thursday. He's been gone since January 7, so I cannot wait to see him. We only get to spend Thursday with him, but it will be worth it. Then we're heading back home on Friday. So, its a quick trip, a lot of driving, a lot of family time, and not a whole lot of internet. I don't think I mentioned that we are all going in one, my husband, my 2 kids, my dad, my other 2 brothers, my aunt, and my uncle...9 family members in one car...we can do this, right?! Actually a few years ago, we all went to Tennessee together, and just about everything went well. So, I'm looking forward to the trip, and when I get back I'll have lots of pics to post! Have a good week!!
~ Jen ~

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