Saturday, March 7, 2009


We're are currently in a Mission's Conference in Florida. Its been a good one, and the church is taking VERY good care of us. Yesterday they took us to the Holy Land Experience and today they took the women shopping and the men golfing (although my husband is NOT a golfer!). The best part was that they babysat the kids! So, I had a husbandless and childless day of shopping. They gave each of the missionary wives some money with one rule (well, two) - we could not purchase anything for our husband or children. It was tough! I only bought a new top, but it was so nice to fellowship with the other ladies.

It was also nice to be gone a few hours, and come pick up the kids. Cody was thrilled to see mama, and Autumn, well, she wanted to stay longer and play, that's my social butterfly. Anyway, we're back at the hotel room waiting for Patrick to get done golfing. It was a good day, and I love sitting here watching Autumn play with her new princess book and Cody still working out the walking thing. Some days are long and tough, but I wouldn't change being a mom for anything!

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~ Jen ~

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Kelly said...

Wow, what a blessed day, Jen! I *love* the stipulation about not spending the dough on Hubs or kids. ;o) That's our natural inclination as moms, isn't it? Thanks for participating today! I hope that you guys have a wonderful weekend!