Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Good-Will Deals

My dad is an expert Good-Will/Thrift Store Shopper. He always walks away with really good stuff. I, on the other hand, do not. But yesterday was my day! Here are a few goodies I got -

  • plaid purse, looks brand new ($2)
  • Bible TriBond game normally $40 - I paid $3
  • 2 long skirts for Autumn ($2 each)
  • 2 books for Autumn 1 @ $0.99 and 1 @ $0.30 - not sure why the different prices

Also in picture, from Wal-Mart an apron for $2 and 2 tin serving trays $1 each!!

I also got this Eddie Bauer high chair from Good-Will for $10, its in great condition, I just needed to wash it! I looked it up online and found it for $129.
Cody thinks its great!
I had been praying for a high chair, especially a smaller one. We live in a tiny house and just don't have the room for one of those huge high chairs, so this was a huge answer to prayer! I'd also been wanting some longer skirts for Autumn, I never really prayed for them, but just another reminder that I serve an amazing God who hears my wants before I pray them!

~ Jen ~


Anonymous said...


I think you have just inspired me to go to Good Will.

nicely done;-)

Ellen said...

Great Deals!! I love Good Will too.

Mrs. J said...

great deals! Our Goodwill in our area sells clothes at $3.39 and some are higher priced too. Household items are just way overpriced. You got very good deals!

Jessica said...

That high chair is awesome! What a great find! I think I need to start being more diligent and check out Salvation Army and/or Good Will weekly. You're a great bargain hunter!

splendid said...

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