Sunday, January 11, 2009

Farm Show Fun

We went to our state's farm show today. What fun! My only complaint was that the place was packed. Do you know how hard it is to push a stroller through a crowd of people? And why do I always walk towards all the people and never with them? I thought when you walked, you walk on the right you drive. Wouldn't that make life easier? Anyway, here are my pics.

One huge cow!

Pretty cool, huh? I need to get me a pair of whatever they are!

A butter sculpture...weird, I know.

A great group of teens.

Supper at Red Robin

~ Jen ~


Mama2hre said...

Hello fellow PAer. I was reading the post and thought "wait a minute, that looks VERY familiar!" So, did you get a milkshake? My family LOVES the farm show milkshakes! :) Glad you had a great time. Oh, I've done the stroller thing too. Ahhhhhhh! :)

The Equipped Life said...

What a fun day! My son always enjoys our local county fair. We seldom go to the state fair - way too crowded and expensive!

Katina said...

Hey, Abbi and I are planning on going to the Farm Show on Tuesday...too bad we didn't coordinate our days so we could meet "IRL". :)

Looks like fun!

Jessica said...

At the Iowa State Fair, there's always a butter cow and another butter person/animal. One year it was Tiger Woods and the animal tiger made from butter. And there was a Michael Phellps made out of butter if I'm not mistaken.
Glad you had fun!