Thursday, January 15, 2009

Credit Cards...

We have always been very careful about credit cards. Honestly, I don’t like them! But I feel, for us, that it is important that we have one. I would never want to be in a situation where there was an emergency and my family needed to be somewhere, but didn’t have the money to get there. If you do have to use your credit card for purchases, please be sure to pay off your balances each month. I believe that as wise stewards of God’s money that we should not have debt. That’s not to say we don’t have a credit card, but I try to follow God’s Word where it says in Romans 13:8, “Owe no many anything.” I do not feel that it is wrong to have a credit card, but I believe one should use them very wisely. With that said, how do you find the right credit card for you and your family?

Well, I am a stickler for reading the fine print, like what’s the APR, what are the transfer fees, how much are the late fees, do I get cash back, etc. We get several credit card applications in the mail every week. How do I know I am getting the best card for my family? I recently came across this website Credit-land. Credit-land has done all the work for me. I like that it shows you what your best choices are for balance transfers, the best everyday rates, which one’s voted the best card, and which one is recommended by experts. You can go on and compare all the different cards out there, and find one that meets your needs, and yes, maybe even your expectations! They make it simple and stress-free. Simple and stress-free is very good!

It gets even better – if you’re still not sure and have some questions, they give free advice! There is a wealth of information on their website. So, if you’re looking to transfer a balance or to have a card “just in case” check out the website and find out the best option for you.

~ Jen ~

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