Saturday, December 13, 2008

Works of God Weekend

I was planning to post this at some point, but I either didn't have the time or kept forgetting. When I was checking my bloglines this morning I saw Lizzie's blog and thought I better do this now. Sorry for the length.

On Wednesday I noticed that we had some overdraft fees in our bank account. I was quite surprised because we had enough money in there, so I wasn't sure what happened. I realized that the deposits we made last week didn't clear and caused 12 items to bounce at $35 each. That's $420! More than my Christmas shopping budget. I ran out that morning to go to the bank, I stopped and checked my mail, and there was a tax bill for the year 2006 for $360 for living in a town I didn't live in until 2007! Could it possibly get any worse?! $780 gone in one day. I felt sick to my stomach and just wanted to cry. I got in the car and just prayed. I told God, more to remind myself though, that He knew about this way before I woke up this morning, and I asked Him to just take care of it and to help me not worry.

I went to the bank and talked with an employee who talked to her manager and they would only refund $140. Down to $640 for the day, but I left not feeling that much better. I spent the day calling the tax office trying to get it figured out, but the line was busy all day.

Yesterday, I went and checked the mail. Lots of Christmas cards came. In one Christmas card was $100 from a family member. Then there was a small envelope, I didn't recognize the return address. It was from a family we met briefly at a church we were at awhile back. In this envelope was 3 $100 bills. $400 in one day. Isn't God good? I called my dad to tell him, and he told me I ought to call the bank again and see if they would refund the rest of the fees.

I went home and called the bank, they agreed to return 2 more fees to make a total of $210, half of the fees. Now we're down to $570. Although they didn't refund all of it, God provided the funds to take care of it and a little extra. It was such a great blessing. Sometimes (although it should be more than sometimes) I just stand amazed at God's awesomeness.

As for the tax bill, I called our accountant and told me to just keep trying to call the tax office and they would take care of it. I finally did get ahold of them, a very nice man answered and just laughed about it and said to throw it away. Down to $210, and God gave me $400. Again, I serve an amazing God. To think that God cares about me, a tiny little speck on this planet we call earth in this giant universe. Amazing.

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EEEEMommy said...

What a beautiful precious testimony, Jen! Thank you so much for sharing! We've all been there before, and we're all too familiar with that sick feeling in our stomach. Your example of trusting the One who is not surprised or caught of guard by such circumstances is so beautiful and encouraging! God is faithful! Jehovah Jireh is our provider. We can trust Him!

Dear Abbi said...

Praise the Lord! He always provides, before we need it.

I still get heart palpitations whenevere I check my bank accts online! I had the same thing happen...the $$ was there, but in the wrong acct and overdraft fees were charged...ugh! Thankfully, my bank refunded the charges. But it still gives me that "I am such a dork" feeling and heart palpitations whenever I check my acct. I'm glad that God worked it out for you!

Mrs. J said...

WOW! God is good all the time! Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, I used to work at a bank and if you are a valued customer, in which this is the first time this happened, they should take away all of those fees. If not, I would close my account and go somewhere else.

Jen said...

Anonymous, I did mention this to them, I have 5 CD's at this bank as well. My only reason for staying at this bank is that we are about to move out of the Us, and my dad has an account here. So, it makes it easy for him to make deposits for us and such. But I am still considering changing.

Dear Abbi said...

I agree, I would push a little more too, maybe talk to another manager higher up. In a nice way, of course.

We had an issue with our bank in the summer when we were getting financing for our new house. They kept raising fees on dumb, little things, and finally Scott and I got on a conference call with the manager and they capped the fees for us. We didn't want to switch banks, either (and we told them that), but in this competitive market the bank should realize that it's a possibility that you are thinking might help to sway their decision. It did in our case, and we're still loyal patrons. :)

A Dusty Frame said...

I did that recently! It made me cry!

I'm glad God provided for you!
Thanks for participating!