Saturday, October 11, 2008

Keeping It Real

So, here's another tag - Show 10 "real things" - no primping, no prepping, and no picking up. Here you go...

1. My Fridge
I was trying to go 2 weeks without grocery shopping. We're in the middle of the two weeks. I don't think we'll make it.
2. My Kitchen Sink
I usually do my dishes after supper. I hate going to bed with dishes in the sink!

3. A Closet
This is my closet. The rest of the house may be cleaned, but everything ends up in my closet!

4. A Toilet
Why a toilet? I hate our seat, yet, I am too cheap to buy a new one!
5. My Favorite Shoes
Flip Flops...what can I say?
6. My Favorite Room
Seeing that our house is tiny, sometimes it's nice to take a break out here.

7. What my kids are doing now
He's supposed to be sleeping...what a happy little guy!

and she's pretending to be sleeping. Yes, she is sleeping on the floor. She has a comfy bed, but the silly child would rather the floor or the couch.

8. My Self-portrait

9. My Laundry Basket

Monday is laundry day around our house, but it doesn't look to bad for a Friday!

10. My Dream Vacation
Well, at the moment, and seeing that I probably have to take my children, I would love to meet Mickey. M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e!

Okay, like before, if you're reading this you are tagged.


Dear Abbi said...

Aww, your house is so cute!! Great post! Thanks for playing along!

Dawn said...

Looks like your making good use of ALL your space in your closet. lol! That is a great pic of Cody. He looked happy to see you. :)

RYQ: The boys' schools are Welsh speaking. They all understand Welsh. Seth speaks it fully. Jason a little bit and Paul a few words. I wish I could learn it so fast, but I'm still plodding away at it.