Thursday, September 18, 2008

We caught 2, yes 2 racoons!

(Not my photo, I got it from google images)
Last night a friend of ours set a trap to (obviously) trap the racoons that have been visiting a lot while my hubby is away. Our friend had put grapes in the trap, but I suggested cat food, since they seem to like that. My brother spent the night, and around 6am we started hearing a lot of noise on the porch. I got up and looked out, and saw a coon in the trap. After looking a little harder (through my window, mind you), I realized there were 2 coons in the trap. My brother was awake by then, and a few minutes later Autumn woke up. There were 2-3 other racoons walking around in front of our house. I suppose they weren't sure what to do about their friends! Someone came and got the trap and they're taking them up on the mountain to release them up there (away from me!). So, what about the other racoons? you ask. Well, I'm hoping they bring that trap back and catch the others, too! In the mean time, I'm just praising the Lord that 2 of them are outta here!

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Anonymous said...

Racoons are so cute but they scare me!