Saturday, September 6, 2008

CVSing with a friend

Last night I took Laura to CVS to show her the ropes. Although, I probably made it more confusing than fun! I did 2 transactions and got some good deals and earned some ECB's! I paid $6.46 for all that, and earned $7.99 in ECB's. For some reason I didn't get $2 ECB's for the toothpaste, but be sure I will call CVS and let them know! The frame was $6, so it was like buying the frame and getting the rest FREE!! Those cool straws were only $0.25 each. They were for Autumn if she was good while we were away (and she was), we left the kids with Patrick and Ed...thanks, guys!
Check out Money Saving Mom and The "Cent"sible Sawyer for some great CVS deals!


Mrs. J said...

That is a nice picture frame. We don't have kids yet but if we did, I would have bought that too :p

Liz said...

As a fellow CVS shopper I thought I would let you know about the toothpaste problem. I picked up the same toothpaste, but luckily before I purchased the cashier informed me that that particular brand/flavor was on sale and you couldn't get the ECB's for it. I would return it and get a different one. It is too bad they didn't tell you!

Jennifer said...

My mom ran into the same toothpaste problem. This was her first CVSing experience, and she ended up with no ECBs. With the coupons I gave her, she still got a good deal, so she's not totally soured on the whole CVS thing. She did say that the cashier pointed out that only the pastes, not gels, were on the ECB sale.