Sunday, September 28, 2008

A breakdown, a pedicure, and some scrapbooking

No, I did not personally breakdown, but my car did. Yesterday I went to CVS to pick up a few things and on my way home my car broke down. Not only did it break down, but it broke down in the middle of an intersection! People just drove around me, it took several minutes until some stopped and helped me push the car out of the way. What's with people nowadays?!! My brother went and watched the kids and my hubby came to my rescue. It took him 20 minutes and the car was fixed - what a man!

That afternoon I went and got my free pedicure from Herbal Essences! It was wonderful! Later that evening, I was able to go scrapbooking. A big thanks to my man for taking care of the kids most of the day even though he wasn't feeling well.

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Mrs. J said...

What a stressful situation! You certainly deserve that pedicure!