Sunday, September 21, 2008

All in a Day's Work...

...all in a day's play, really. We started our day by going to the Franklin County Farm Fest. Each year they chose a different farm to host it. There were hay rides, tractor rides, free ice cream, free chocolate milk, lots of other free goodies, plus you cold even milk a cow. I really wish I had my camera for today, but they were taking photos and selling them, so I bought this one posted for $5, actually my dad did paid for it. Doesn't it look like the cow is eating the pumpkin?

After we saw all there was to see at the Farm Fest, we went to a pig roast. Spent a few hours there, enjoyed some good pork. At these people's house I saw an awesome (minature) log cabin that someone built by hand and it looked exactly like ours, except our logs are vertical and those were horizontal.

Next we were off to the Two-Top Festival, if you've ever been to Green Dragon, this was a bit smaller, but still had lots of good stuff. Autumn found clothing for her American girl doll for only $5 a dress! I found a neat picture of a log cabin with a creek flowing in the front yard, it had a neat wood frame for only $20.

It was a busy and long day, but a good one. And it kept our minds off daddy coming home today! Have I mentioned that we really miss him?!

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Dear Abbi said...

So glad your man is coming home to you!!