Tuesday, August 26, 2008

With a Thankful Heart

Last week was just one of those weeks. Ever had one?! You know where nothing is really wrong, but you're just not in the mood for anything. I allowed myself to have a pity party, and to be quite honest - I'm still in a mood, not necessarily a bad mood, but not a good mood...just a mood. I was told that the only people invited to a pity party are you and the devil. How true! Anyway, I have no good reason to be in this mood. So, I am going to refresh myself today by telling you what I am thankful for.

1. This handsome guy here...

2. This little guy here... 2. This cutie...
4. My hard-working dad
5. My brothers
6. My home
7. My church
8. My wonderful friends
9. My Lord and Savior
10. And mostly that I am saved and will one day never have this "mood" again!

What about you...what are you thankful for? Check out Lizzie's blog for others sharing thier blessings from above.


joy said...

I have CERTAINLY had a week like that! Thanks for the uplifting post!

A Dusty Frame said...

What a very good thing to do when you're feeling low.

Counting blessings is a wonderful way to change our minds about things isn't it?
Thanks for participating!

Cheri said...

I counted blessings this week too! What a terrific way to remember all the "good" in our lives, instead of the negatives!