Monday, August 4, 2008

What will she think of next?!

Last night before church, Autumn came running into my room crying and jumping up and down saying, well, yelling is more accurate, that there was something in her eye. I opened her eye as much as I could and I blew in it. She's still jumping up and down. I opened her eye again, tell her to look up, then down, to the left, to the right. I see nothing. I told her to rub it and maybe it will fall out. Then she says...
"Mommy, I think there is a grape in my eye."
Me - A grape?
Autumn - Well, a piece of a grape.
Me - Autumn, why would there be a piece of a grape in your eye.
Autumn - I don't know.
So, I open her eye again (Remember this whole time she is jumping up and down. I've had dirt get in my eye before, its not fun, but...). This time, sure enough, I see a piece of a grape. The skin of a grape to be exact. It took me a little while longer and I managed to get it out. Then this conversation followed.
Autumn - Thanks, mom.
Me - Autumn, why was there a grape in your eye?
Autumn - It was just a piece of a grape.
Me - Autumn? (In a slightly yelling tone...slightly!)
Autumn - I pulled off a piece of the skin, and pretended I was putting a contact in my eye.

Oh! the joys of being Autumn's mommy!

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