Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunday School

This morning we visited a church in the area. We got there for what we thought was the morning worship service, but they have their worship service at 9:00am and Sunday School at 10:30am. So, we were there for Sunday School. It was a little weird, they must not get many visitors for SS. We found the nursery and the person in there asked us if we were the workers for the SS hour - strange, to say the least, you think you'd know your church members. Anyway, we got the kids in their places and found a Sunday School for us. We felt a little awkward in the beginning, but once class got started, it was great! I have never been in a Sunday School with so much good particapation. They are going through the book of Nehemiah and were discussing his prayer in chapter 1. I plan to look over it again tonight before bed. I just praise the Lord for having this opportunity to sit in a SS where no one knew who we were, and didn't expect anything of us, and yet learn so much.

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Dear Abbi said...

I love SS too! Our church has an awesome SS! We're broken up into small groups at round tables. The master teacher (our pastor, in our room) teaches the lesson for 30ish minutes and then we have time for our small group to discuss/make application and then share and pray together. It's so great, b/c our church is becoming what I think of as large (we're not a mega church or anything...just big enough for some people to get lost) and the SS format allows for a lot of one-on-one. I think it's GREAT!