Friday, August 15, 2008

Silver Springs

One of the great blessing of being on deputation is being able to travel. We try to stop at as many touristy places as possible. Last week we were in Florida visiting Patrick's family, as well as presenting our ministry at his mom's church. On our way home we stopped at Silver Springs (in Florida). It has 14 underground springs that feed into the Silver River. There were Glass Bottom Boat rides where you could see over 80 feet into the water. It was a very neat place (it was not cheap though). Here are my photos from the day...

The reason for this photo was not only so you could see the fish from the glass bottom boat, but also so you could see my cute baby's puke! I was holding him and looking over, and I guess, I sqeezed him too much :)

It was you see why I have bangs!

Here they were feeding the alligators.

Notice how this palm tree grew?

I love giraffes!

These things were so weird!

Thanks for sharing in our fun day!

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Cheri said...

Aren't God's creatures incredible!