Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's a Big Day in our House Today!

We have waited quite awhile for this day...actually, Autumn has waited anxiously for this day. This morning while I was doing my normal, important, mommy stuff on the know, checking our bank account, reading blogs, checking facebook, etc. Autumn came over and said, "MOM! It happened...LOOK!" And in her hand was a tiny little tooth. She lost her first tooth today. So, for this little 5 year old, its an exciting day!
Please ignore that my child is still in her pj's at 11:30 in the morning!!

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Dear Abbi said...

Aww, that's so exciting for Autumn! Yeah for you!

Although, I am not a big fan of the de-teething process, as I call it. I think it's gross. Scott thinks the little teeth are cute. Lily lost all 8 of her front teeth, and the dentist said it should be another 2-3 years before she looses more. I'm glad. :)

Congrats to the big girl!