Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over

God has blessed us so much this week. From our "new" dryer to our trip to the Creation Musuem to reaching 95% of our needed support. Please scroll down to see the blessings of my great God!

We'll be helping at a camp July 20-25 and I doubt we'll have access to the internet. So, I'll be taking a little bloggy break. I'm taking lots of books and magazines along to read, as well as some school work for Autumn. I'm really looking forward to it. Please keep Patrick in your prayers, as he is the camp speaker. He is speaking 2x each day. Have a wonderful weekend!

Please check out Lizzie's blog - A Dusty Frame - to see others sharing their blessings from God.


Dear Abbi said...

Yeah, praise the Lord for the support and dryer...and everything else! :)

Dawn said...

What camp are you going to? Hope you have a great time and it's not too hot! :)

A Dusty Frame said...

:) amen! I'm so thankful to hear of your blessings!

Thanks for participating too!:)

Dawn said...

RYC: School starts back I think the 9th of September. So they get about 6 weeks off for the summer. I really like it this way better. We get more time off through out the for Easter there is a 2 week break. Plus we don't have the warm weather that screams summer vacation!!! It has been chilly and rainy most of the last month so being indoors for school doesn't make much of a difference since the kids would be indoors anyway.

Are you going to homeschool year round?