Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Creation Musuem - A Must See!

Okay if you have never been here before - you MUST go! Patrick's mom is a lifetime charter member, so we have free passes, but it is so worth the time and money to see it. This was Patrick's third time and my second. Answers in Genesis is a great organization. Teaching the truth about Creation.
The entrance

In the Garden

Check out those dinosaurs

The world-wide flood. Can you see the tiny people on the rocks?

They also have a huge, beautiful garden you can walk through.

I was trying to get a good photo of her, she's so goofy!


Another beautiful photo of the Garden

A Zonkey and a Zorse!

An awesome bridge

Please check out their website, they have a wealth of information about Creation. And if you're ever in the Cincinnati area check it out. (Its actually in Petersburg, KY)

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Amie said...

We went there in April. The garden wasn't open yet though, It looks beautiful.