Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A+ Supper

Tonight, my brother, Jason, cooked supper. This was part of his Home Ec class. He had to plan the menu - including dessert, we then went grocery shopping, and then he did 99% of the cooking. By the way, we paid $11.09 to feed 6 people, not too shabby!

He is a vegetarian, so we cooked chicken on the side for those of us who enjoy meat! Here was his menu:

Spanish Rice
Green Beans
Candy Cake (I somehow burnt the chocolate to go on top, so he made Brownies instead)

Overall, I think he gets an A+! Good job, Jason!!


Anonymous said...

yeah too bad not everyone was invited to the dinner ahem. just cause i move to shipp dont mean i need to be forgotten lol

Anonymous said...

Well, you know you are always welcome, we just thought you didn't want to spend $4 a gallon in gas to eat chicken!! - Jen

Barbie Wilson said...

It's great that you are teaching your brother how to do things for himself! Before too long, your daughter will probably be helping you in the kitchen (if she isn't already).